Everfit 32KG Dumbbells Dumbbell Set Weight Plates Home Gym Exercise

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Time to get tough. And our Everfit 32kg Dumbbell Set is the right deal if you are looking to boost those triceps, biceps and shoulders. Or lose some unwelcome fat. Whatever is your game, our dumbbell set lets you strengthen and tone those muscles in pleasing style. The commercial-grade dumbbell features a high-quality bar with non-slip handle that offers optimal gripping surface. Weight plate weights 2.5kg and is made of cast cement that is coated with smooth plastic, reducing clanging sounds and making it floor-friendly. You can adjust the weight of the dumbbell by removing the weight plate and only using the dumbbell bar (weighing 1kg each) or adding more compatible weight plates. And the high-quality steel star-shaped nuts ensure the weight plates stay securely in place for safe workouts. Best of all, the dumbbell comes in a set of two (two 16kg dumbbells for 32kg total) so that you can exercise both arms at the same time. Gym junky or workout pro, you can get fit easily with our dumbbell set.

32kg dumbbell set, 16kg for each
Non-slip dumbbell handle
Adjustable weight plates
Safety locks
12 weight plates
Easy to assembly and store

Overall dimensions: 45cm x 22cm x 22cm
Weight plates: 12 x 2.5kg
Total weight: 32kg
Each dumbbell weight: 16kg
Weight plates diameter: 25mm
Weight plate materials: cast cement coated with plastic
Colour: Black
Assembly required: Yes
Number of packages: 2

Package Content
1 x Everfit 32kg Dumbbell set